September Activites

Sep 20 – Now back to Saturday the 20th. I’m proud to announce that besides the previously known absentees, every one showed up for the mini work party as announced in the update for last week. It only took ½ hour to haul some non battleship non shipyard trash from the Battery Charging Room to the dumpster. Actually, the job contained a large amount of social gabbing while hauling and tossing the stuff into the dumpster.

On the way back to the ship we found Bob Westcott and his chauffer, son-in-law Charlie, headed to the NJ2BB shack. It is always good to see Bob when he returns to his home during World War II. Thanks Charlie!

My work on making minor changes to the shack included adding some trim to the left side of Ham-2 where last week I remove those aged rafter tails. I also attacked moving the typewriter (mill) shelf to the left side of the Ham-4 position but more time is needed to complete this task.

The first item on the list of real work for the day found Jim, Rich E and Alan connecting the control cables to the OE-82 antenna controller in the Transmitter Room. They then used a couple of hand held radios to communicate from the Fwd and Aft antenna pedestals in order to test both pedestals. They report that both pedestals are functional and were left in their designed home positions. The only speed bump to their testing was the failure on the sound powered phone links built into the control circuits. This is where I get to congratulate the crew on another BB-62 first; mainly the first time since 1991 that the ship has had both trash can antennas in position and controllable. Cool!

Alan and I traveled to Central Station to calculate the turns ration between the helm gear box and the input of the modified wind direction modules that will be used with the animated portions of the interactive helm station. Along the way we discovered some trouble with the new output shaft; problems that Alan will be correcting during the week at his home shop. Hopefully all goes well and the shaft can be reinstalled next Saturday.

The final job of the day was hanging the donated studio lamp fixtures that were discussed at our last general membership meeting.